Girls, Why don't girls ask me out?

Like I don't understand


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  • Cause it's usually guys who ask girls out.


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  • Why specifically you or why girls don't ask guys in general? I don't know you but I could answer the girls / guys thing in general. I thought about making the first move on the last guy I liked but while I could give you some real reasons that felt like obstacles to asking him, it was mostly I was scared of being rejected.

    First he lives on the same floor so I didn't want to be rejected and then see him every day, I wasn't entirely sure if he broke up with his girlfriend from his home university (he was here on exchange), I felt like I couldn't ask his friends who I'm friendly with without exposing myself and then have it be awkward every single day, I wasn't entirely sure if he was interested and was confused about the things that happened between us, I'm dealing with a lot right now and felt like I couldn't handle all the confusion, while I'd be interested in fooling around with him I didn't want to catch "the feels" and then he'd leave and go back to Europe. So while we had a flirty friendship and hung out nothing ever happened and I never asked him out, even though he could probably tell I was interested. Maybe I would have had the courage to ask him out if these things weren't in the way. Maybe they're excused, I don't know.

    You might be intimidating to girls, your body language might not be open, girls could be afraid of rejection, timing could be bad, you might not present yourself well (dress, hygiene, hair, positive attitude, interesting) to attract the girls you're interested in, being raised with traditional gender roles and expectations (girls should be coy and not easy, guys ask them out), you don't spend time in an environment that would give you the opportunity, they aren't single, they aren't looking for anything with a guy, they aren't interested in guys, etc. There could be a lot of things.

    • Well I'm scared of girls I'm 24 and have never had a girlfriend

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    • Well I had a weird situation with a girl that happen. A couple nights ago

    • What's that?

  • Why don't you ask them out then?