Am I expecting too much from this relationship?

I've been dating this guy for about 4 monthes now, both in our mid-20s. From the very beginning, we were clear that we are both looking for a serious relationship (long term). He's a great guy but i've noticed that he doesn't really take any initiative to do things and makes me doubt if he's really into me.

When we do go out, I'm usually the one suggesting it and organizing it or choosing the place. Sometimes it makes me feel naggy that I'm always the one asking if he wants to do anything. We both have different interest, while i like trying out new outdoor activities and going to the beach, he usually does not. I'm not going to make him do something he doesn't want so thats fine. When we do hangout, its usually just staying at home and watching a movie or a show, which i still like doing but probably not all the time. I just wish he would take the initiative to organize something even just dinner, where i won't have to worry about choosing a place to go to.

in terms of Am i expecting too much from this relationship?


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  • No of course not! Basically he is an introvert who likes to stay at home and you like to go out and about. That's perfectly fine but let him know that your being a team player by catering to what he wants to do but that he needs to be a team player as well and give you some spontaneity every once in a while. In a relationship everything is a two way street. :)


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  • I just think you sound incompatible.