Whenever I text a girl , I just feel like there not intrested?

Whenever I text a girl , I just feel like there not intrested?

So this girl i text or chat, first i always start the conversation , second whenever i talk to her the way she responds its either she doesn't seem intrested by saying lol or aha or like those acronyms I don't know like or lmao. Like that when she does that i just don't know how to continue the convo , i have to start on a new subject which i dont really know what to talk about. Or she barely says anything. With that it makes me feel llke whenver i start talking to her like when i start the convo it makes me feel like that im bothering or annoying her.

bump anyone
bump anyone else having this problem or can help?


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  • I understand exactly what you're saying. You can't really figure out what to say because it's seems as if she's not entertained. I'm that case, it's completely difficult to just text her and she's only using laughter and gestures and/or is somewhat dry texting. Maybe you should try meeting up in person with her, so that she can get use to talking to you and feel comfortable.

    • as i said earlier to the other opinion maybe you'll understand better my problem but thanks ! ;)


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  • Do you have anything interesting to talk about? I find it boring when I'm messaged for no reason and do get annoyed when that happens.

    Have something to talk about when you seek her attention, specifically about her.

    • Well i used to be in the same basketball team as her...

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    • got anything that could help

  • Text her...


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