If I "re-meet" my boyfriend in 5-10 years?

(PLEASE READ EVERYTHING) So right now is just not a good time for me and my boyfriend. Were going through a rough time and we can never see eachother. (Were not allowed to) I also live really far away from him and I can't drive yet. We go to different schools now that were in high school. We dated for about a year. I understand Im still really young and might not know what Im talking about. But I believe we were made for each other. he's literally perfect for me. We get eachother. And we think the same way. I honesty believe he is my soul mate. Other people dont find him attractive but I literally love each thing about him. I just dont want another guy. But since were never able to see eachother its getting really hard to stay committed to eachother. For the first 5 months we made it work. But not its getting hard and I see he likes to hang out with other girls at his high school and I can tell he's starting to distance from me and likes me less and less. He told me once that when we were older he wanted to marry me and wanted no other girl then me. But I know its kinda ridiculous for kids to date until they are 18 and get married. And I just know that wouldn't work out. And its honestly just the wrong time for us to meet. I know that in the future I won't forget about him. So if a little after high school in about 10 years we "re- meet randomly" could it work out? is that a bad idea? And I know in those 10 years he could find another girl but if he wasn't with anyone would it be weird if I asked him out? If he forgot about me should I tell him who I am? Or just start over. I know this is kinda weird but I swear he's the only guy I want to be with and thats not going to change. So if I just forget about him for a while and then go back to him at a better time is that a really bad idea? Or could it potentially be a good idea?


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  • it could work out. or it couldn't. it sounds like right now isn't the right time for you two, so just make a decision based on that. you never know who else you might meet.


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  • yes there is hope

  • i dont think either of u will be the same people and so it probably won't work out

    • Well if we stayed together for that long we still wouldn't be the same people

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    • well we can't stay together anyway because I know if we stay together then in the future well just be sick of each other so its my only option.

    • im jus sayin it sounds like its jus over

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