Do I like him? (Sorry kinda unusual question)?

I'm asking bc I don't feel any sexual tension or butterflies, but I think about him 24/7. He's the sweetest guy I have ever met. It feels so different from other crushes. Do I like him?


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  • yeah i think you like him very much. You respect him too much and perhaps that's why you don't feel sexual tension within yourself... he's probably too sweet and you look at him as a friend with whom you can talk about anything.

    • How do I get him out of the friendzone lol

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    • yeah and that's why should do exactly the opposite. If you'll both be conservative and shy, it won't work.

    • hey! thanks for the MHO! i hope that it worked for you.

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  • You like him, but he may not feel dangerous enough for you. Tell him you need to feel that he's more driven, and see if he can adjust his style. Are you having sex?

    • Nope. No sex until marriage :(

    • On the plus side, you think about him 24/7, and he's the sweetest guy you know. On the minus side, no butterflies. You def like him, but without sex, it's difficult to figure out how it will work out for you. Do you at least fool around. If so, does that work for you? If not, that's a bad sign.

  • you'd have him for emotions,
    but eventually you'd find other guy who'd slam your p00sy


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  • Yes. You do. I am sorry. ;_;