I'm 100% straight but a hot gender neutral lesbian just started working with me?

HELP. She is so hot. I don't wanna do anything with her because I'm not attracted to her in a sexual way but there's something so attractive about her that I can't work out. She looks like a boy to me and I'm attracted to boys so maybe that's why? But I love boys I've never ever been attracted to females, even lesbians I've seen in the past there's just something about her. However I don't wanna be in a relationship with her because I don't see girls in that way. Also I'm crushing on this boy right now and have been for like 3 years


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  • look, it's not wrong to think someone of the same sex is hot, even if you get turned on by them a little, it's fine, everyone's got little kinks, little weird things we do and things we feel, so don't worry about it

    • thanks man, doesn't mean I'm bi does it?

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    • Yeah I get you. I think I'd know by now if I was bi but this is just a weird situation

    • haha, yeah i know, i've been there too, it's a bit strange!

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  • Okay so whats the problem? You know you don't want her. You just think she is hot. Sometimes this happens, you like someone that is a gender you're not attracted to, and it's confusing. But if you know you like someone else and you're not sexually attracted to her then just roll with it.

    • The thing is because it's messing with me making me think what if... but yeah true. I don't wanna be in a relationship with her so it's cool I guess

    • Sexuality is flexible I guess. But you don't sound bi


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  • That just means you aren't 100% straight. No one is truly 100% straight or bi or other sexuality. Anyway, just treat her like any other co-worker and move on. I've had a whole bunch of attractive women who've worked for me, and I just treat like anyone else regardless. However, it is hard to not flirt with them.

  • I think most men are very turned on by girl on girl sex so I doubt it would interfere with any interest from guys. you'd probably attract more than not with that in your resume

    • I don't wanna have sex though she's just attractive to me

  • Sounds like you aren't 100%


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