What would you do if you were hanging out with your friends and your girlfriend walked I'm crying read details please?

Ok so you and your friends were in your living room and your girlfriend came in crying because she think she might be pregnant. What would you do? What would you tell ur friends? What would you tell her? And fyi your 17 years old and she just turned 16 years old.


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  • First, I wouldn't be sexually active at such a young age. Second, I'd tell her to go in the other room and calm down so we can talk in a few minutes.


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  • First of all you should tell your friends to leave because a pregnancy scare, if that's what it is, is very personal. Y'all need privacy to discus what your next move is. Regarding what to tell her, that's really up to you. I mean first you guys have to figure out if she really is pregnant or not. After that it's yours and her responsibility to figure out what you guys plan to do. Regarding your age, we'll both of y'all are young but it is not uncommon, no offense. I have lots of family members who unexpectedly started their family young. It's hard but not impossible. Anyways best of luck to both of you!