My friend is getting the attention from all the boys I like?

Yet I'm completely ignored by boys? I get told how (not being big headed) I could model and that I'm stunning yet my friend gets all the attention without having to try they just come to her... and it's from boys that I FIND ATTRACTIVE/have crushed on. It's so upsetting like I have to pretend to be happy for her when really I'm wishing it was me


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  • If people are telling you that you look like a model then odds are the boys probably feel like you're way too out of their league to get with and so they opt for your friend, instead. It's honestly a compliment in a weird way. If you really want to get with one of these guys make yourself seem more available and easier to approach so they don't feel like they have to prove themselves to you or that you're waaaay ahead of them. Just let them know you're interested and that they don't have to feel intimidated by your beauty.


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  • Oh well your friend must be really hot if she stands away all the attention from you!!!


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  • I feel you, been there done that. As for me, I just believe that you would never be with those guys if it was not meant for you. They could be someone's husband. Just make yourself content with good things