I met this guy on Tinder and he told me he was looking for a serious relationship but he is constantly using Tinder even if he is travelling?

OK so I am dating a guy from Tinder for nearly a month, few days ago he told me he was looking for a long-term relationship (he's now travelling abroad). This morning I open our chat on Tinder then went to his profile, I saw that he wrote "I'm traveling to ____ for a week and looking to make some friends". I always laugh at people on Tinder who says "make friends", who the hell on earth just wanna make friends on Tinder? I know that we are just dating, he may want to see other girls as well, but in my mind I can't stop thinking if I'm just 1 of the girls who are dating with him, he is looking for a relationship but also constantly looking for sex mates.
(I've used Tinder for nearly a year, on and off, I always consider Tinder as a hot-or-not game and tell myself to not exchange number or meet anyone from Tinder but I really don't know why I agreed to meet him and then date him, he seemed to be really honest and he didn't use any beautiful/romantic pick up lines..., we haven't mentioned anything about sex since we've started to date.). I'm not sure whether I'm exaggerating everything or not :/ how can I tell if he is seriously looking for a relationship or he is just a player?


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  • Insercurity on whether it will work out cut him slack, and if he act nervous... Just be the girl a guy dreams about.


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  • Have you guys met in person? Because if I were you, a social media relationship is a joke. I wouldn't take it serious

    • Yep please read, we've even dated and we get along very well!


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  • More often than not, people on Tinder are just looking to hookup. It's not called a 'hookup app' for no reason.

    You may continue to date him, but it's unlikely that he may want a serious relationship. If he does, then just consider that a bonus.


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