Girls, First date/hangout/thing. Help?

OK there's this girl, Claire, she's sweet, funny, smart, and cute (which is awesome sense I can't really talk to extremely hot ones and by that I mean the ones most teen guys think is hot, but to me she's gorgeous). I really want to date her, but I don't know what to do. I was thinking either a movie date or a PG version of Netflix and Chill back at my place (we're both 16). I'm seriously bad at first dates, since you know I've never had one 😥. Please help, because I really like her.


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  • Aww, this is so sweet. Have you talked to her very much? I would say to just approach her and ask if she wants to hang out. Go see a movie or go out to eat somewhere. If there's any fun things to do where you live, you can check out your other options too. Google may help you more with that. Ultimately though, just be yourself and act natural. During the date, just talk about your interests, your likes/dislikes, and things like that. Hopefully you'll find some things you have in common which will make the conversation easier. Good luck! :)

    • We talk everyday and I think she likes me back and she said she wanted to hang this week

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    • OK I think that she probably would choose that. Quick question, would it be alright if I did the whole over the shoulder arm thing, because she's kind of shy

    • Yeah, I think that would be okay :)


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  • If you both are nerdy take her to comic com its coming up in Jan. thats a good first date lots to do not as much money as u think but look them up there everywhere different times of the year.

  • Of Netflix sounds good