Confused about taking things slow with a girl ( Girls help please ) ?

So whats happening is im getting to know this girl for about 3 / 4 weeks now and she made it clear that she's wanting to take things slow and I agreed. But she doesn't even want to hold hands or cuddle when we hangout yet.. and im okay with that but just the other night we are texting and out of the blue she starts sending me semi nude and full nude pictures of herself but she's not talking dirty or anything. Now of course I like that a lot duh, But its kinda messing with my head.. cause im not sure if she's just doing that to tease me or if she's dropping hints that she likes me more? so I would kinda like some opinions on why she might have done that, And should I still hold my breath and not say anything and keep taking it slow?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She doesn't want to take things slow anymore. Go tiger.


What Guys Said 1

  • Just be a little more distant and let her be the one to chase.