Although Im better Im still dealing with a lot of self esteem issues should I continue to hold off on dating?

Specifically I think if I were to date I'd be expecting or preparing for the let's just be friends talk because that's what has always happened to me. I would be bothering the person I was dating by constantly needing reassuring but I'd probably just always be prepared deep down for it to happen. I wouldn't have any fear of being cheated on or anything either.


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  • Self esteem issues really complicate dating however, if you never date it becomes somewhat of an endless cycle. You don't date because you don't feel you're good enough and you don't feel you're good enough because you aren't dating anyone.

    I wouldn't recommending trying to jump into a relationship all out when you're vulnerable but you shouldn't be afraid to take risks either. There are ways to build your confidence without necessarily dating. Just putting yourself out there and seeing that you have worth and that you are desirable go a long way.

    I was once very insecure. I still have those lingering thoughts 3.5 years into a relationship but I would have never gotten out of the rut I was in if I didn't take a risk and put myself out there to be rejected.


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  • You should continue holding off on dating, until YOU feel ready. Self esteem issues can really ham, per dating, and further rejections will only harm your recovery process.

    I too have pit off dating, but for a different reason. I need to be financially and professionally settled, before I'm ready to date. I don't really have the time or energy to dedicate to dating now, and at this point, a woman would probably be just a distraction for me.

  • Be the best you; don't deny yourself the opportunity if a girl comes along. You just need to be comfortable and confident with who you are.