What should I do about this?

I was with a guy for 6 months, completely besotted by eachother and never apart... I stared to panick about my feelings and called it off, 3 months later and all we do is argue, have a lovely conversation and repeat. Last week we had a staff party a lot came out.. We went outside as things for intense.. We started arguing and then he kissed me, in anger and everything I walked away, (he got mad I was leaving him again) and he soon came after me relised im in tears and he started crying, he told me he'd fallen for me and I said I had to, and explained why I left in the first place... A week on we have been texting but I'd be the person to text fist and he'd always be the one how ends it and very soon in the conversation... Why is he like this? I'm getting annoyed? Should I leave him and not text or ask him why? I don't want to be annoying but I also don't want to waste my time...

  • he's scared you'll leave again, so taking it slow
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  • No he's not bothered
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  • thank god I'm not that guy


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  • it sounds like a Turkish film or so lol.
    look just meet up with him and see where both of you stand


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  • If he had half a brain, he'd leave you. I certainly would.


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  • Yes, I thing he is quite scared, you should take it slow.