Only people who find themselves not very attractive use Tinder?

I figured attractive looking people don't need to use Tinder since they can get dates the second they walk out the door, unless they are only aiming to hook up even more. If I do care somewhat about looks in women, should I try Tinder? But of course, if the woman seems snotty and have a lifestyle I don't like, regardless of looks, I swipe left. I am not aiming to take Tinder seriously. I won't take anything personally out of just some app.


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  • Nah Tinder in the way I see it is the hub of the hook up culture. You can use it to find horny people within a mile of you at another bar if your bar scene is slow that night. At least this is how u view it but don't use it.

    It just widens the net for sleep arounders. They can pound the pavement in a bar district or catch a fish for free on Tinder. It is a very looks based culture and short term.

    Being it that I never even made out with a guy I met at a bar despite going frequently in college Tinder is not for me. It's gross.


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  • A lot of women seem to use it just for attention/ego boost.


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  • As a attractive woman, I don't need to join a dating site because I meet men in daily life.

    But sometimes attractive people get tired of the selections they get and turn to the internet.
    Sometimes it can be see as a way of immediately weeding out the people that you do not like.

    I wouldn't make a general statement assuming only unattractive people use online dating sites.
    That's absurd and simply not true.

  • No, I think a lot of people who are on tinder and online sites are attractive too because they may not want to pit in the effort of going out and meeting people, when instead chatting online can filter through people faster.


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