What's up with this behavior?

I went on a first date with a dude last year on Valentine's Day. I know, weird for a first date but yeah, it just worked out that way. We had a good time, had dinner and later drinks. I even met some of his good friends. We went out a few days later. It was also a good date. We slept together and I felt kind of weird after. Wasn't sure what I wanted and I think it just went too fast. We kept in touch after but didn't see each other again for a long time. We talked on IM pretty much every day. He was away for work for a couple of months. Finally around Christmas time we hung out again. Had dinner and drinks. In January I went with him to a comedy show (his dad was in it) and he told me it would be nice if I came with him, because he'd have a "hot date". After the show we went to dinner with his dad and some other family and friends. He told me a few times that his family thought I was great. We had talked about going away for a weekend sometime soon, he (jokingly) said I should go with him this Summer when he's going to LA for work for a few months (We live in New York). We were supposed to hang out Sunday for the Superbowl.Friday night we talked on IM and nothing bad happened. Saturday I tried to IM him but it didn't go through. He blocked me! I have no idea why. I sent him a text to ask if we were still on for Sunday but a few minutes later read on Facebook that he broke his phone and people should email him. So I did, but no response. Sent another short email on Monday to ask if he was OK because it's just not like him to not get back to me. Thing is, I thought we were friends. I don't know what to do with his behavior. I like him a lot and was just trying to figure out if maybe I like him more than just a friend. I had a bad relationship before I met him and think I just wasn't ready a year ago. But I have been thinking a lot that he would kind of be perfect for me...

What do you guys think?


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  • Give it time to see if anything really happened to him. If he doesn't contact you within a couple of weeks, you'll know you wasted your time. I don't want to say he's not perfect for you but if he is beating around the bush, he "might" just want you for a tap...

    Hope I helped..


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  • That is definitely strange. He knows you were trying to get in touch with him since you tried IM, text and email, so he's either avoiding you or something really out of the ordinary happened and he's unreachable for the moment. I would be just as confused as you, but there isn't much else you can do but see if he calls you again with an explanation. I wouldn't try to contact him again- if he is unreachable and unresponsive, he'll either apologize when he gets the chance or he WANTS to be left alone. Anyway, sometimes strange stuff like this happens in the dating world and I wouldn't worry that you missed your chance or anything. If he was really that perfect, he wouldn't have stood you up and vanished without a trace!