Does this mean that he wants to date exclusively?

Okay, so In the beginning of November I started talking to this guy I met on a dating site. We have gone out on two dates since then (our schedules tend to be conflicting at times), and I really like him. In the beginning we agreed we would take things slow, and go with the flow. He has always been respectful, and he Is making a good effort. He seems to actually be courting me, which is rare these days. We have not had sex and he has not tried to yet. He seems kind of shy. The most we have done is made out.

Well tonight we went to see a movie and then we sat in his car and talked for a little bit (this was the second date). Out of nowhere he told me that he doesn't get on the site anymore, except ocassionally when he is bored. He brought it up on his own. I told him I get on there sometimes and just delete the messages. Is this his way of telling me he wants to date exclusively? I'm scared to ask him directly because I don't want him to think I'm pressuring him to be exclusive with me, because I'm not in a rush to be. But if he does want that I wouldn't be against that either. I also don't want to think its okay to talk to other people if he wants to be exclusive. Help would be appreciated! Thanks guys! :)


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  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking that


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  • Asking directly is always the best way to answer your questions. Dont make it blunt tho ask him by dropping hints.