She says she loves me, but then why do I still feel not loved?

We have been dating for 7 months. I always send her long text randomly telling her how much I love her and how I feel about her. And she replies but I feel like she doesn't put as much as effort in it. I know she loves me because she drives 2 hours to see me, every weekend and I met her family. But I still don't feel that she really loves me. I told her that it would be nice to get something from her first sometimes and she said she will work on it. It has been a month. And nothing. No texts about how she feels. She hasn't even posted anything on social media about us in more than a month. She has posted pics of us but like she doesn't say how much she loves me or anything. I see all these other girls do it and I wish she would too. Am I asking for a lot? I don't want to break up with her because I love her. But it's kind of making me down/sad. Should I talk to her? Or should I wait a month or two to talk about it and see if this changes.


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  • I think you have kinda answered your own question, you seem to feel that you are making much more of an effort than she is, like you are not fully appreciated, have you tried sitting down and telling her how you feel? just a thought.

    • I have told her this. Like a month or so ago. But she doesn't know that's still going on.

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  • Do you drive two hours to see her? The reason you don't feel loved is because you dismiss the effort she puts in.

    • I would if I had a car.


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  • Honestly, I think you're asking a wee bit too much. Some people might not be as expressive towards others. They could find it hard to open up their innermost feelings to people.


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