Guys, how would you feel about this kind of girlfriend?

So just like anyone else, I have insecurities about myself and I feel like they turn off my boyfriend sometimes. For example, nowadays I feel like if you have a big fat booty and big boobs for guys to like you and I'm skinny and I can say I have a nice body but I feel like I'm too skinny. Also, I feel like I'm not as beautiful that he says I am. Because I know all his ex's and they all wear make up, have sex, they can be crazy, and some other stuff. Well to some it up, I feel like I'm too much of a goody-goody plain Jane. And I tell him this but I still feel insecure though 😳


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  • Ever thought he sees you differently cause your nothing like his past girlfriends. He can overlook the insercurity because you are kindness and generosity around him way out shines you insercurity. Also he may believe he can help you find your lost confidence.

  • It´s not all about the looks , you know. Maybe he grow up and wanted a genuine girlfriend. But yeah , if I had a girl like that , it would kinda start to go on the nerves to compliment her and then get dragged into an argument that she is not beautiful.

    So yeah , try to love yourself a bit more and your looks aren't the only thing you have to offer (I hope).