GIRLS; What do you like guys to do when texting you?

its in the question, just anything. When you are texting a guy, what do you expect/want them to do or just anything while texting.


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  • I want them to text back as soon as possible. It shows that they want to talk to you as much as the girl wants to. It's cute when they are being funny and when they call you like cutie or something like that. But I love it when the guy is just being himself and says everything that's on his mind

    • Yeah, but if we text back too fast all the time we could come off clingy.


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  • I don't know about others girls, but I love it when a guy is funny and can make me laugh spontanesouly! It's very charming.. Smilies are cute.. They make me think of the guy and his expression which is also another good thing :) Being themselves is good also, some people are very different in person to online or texting. And kisses and hugs, not all the time, but sometimes. Keeps the girl wondering and gives her a special leap in her step.

  • be charming. I love when guys are funny, and make me laugh when they text me. I'm usually at work or in a boring class, reading a charming, cute, funny text tht makes me smile, is a turn-on for me

  • i like wen they use smiley faces especially the wink ;) lol it think its really cute I don't know that might just be me


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