BF's aunt req me on fb, and has a pic of his ex and my boyfriend shall I be mad?

she has a photo of us as well, but also has a pic of his ex, upset me because i had a fare share of him along with his family keeping pics and sex videos which i regret bumping into, so i have drained my "its old, its ok , patience card" more like im tired of it, but since AGAIN is old, shall i bring it up to him?


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  • Family is the slowest to adapt to relationship changes. You can't expect a Aunt to get rid of a good picture of her Nephew though. I remember my Father having a picture of my ex and I up for at least a year after the divorce before thinking to take it down. And why does his family have sex videos of him and you?

    • hahah no no, I found some videos of him and her, oh god no what a nightmare that would be! I guess you are right, however is diff for me, he is white I am latin and I have a temper so I am pretty mad and can't hide it

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  • Well its his past and his family are inevitably going to have old photos, If it truly does bother you can ask him to remove the photos of her, and keep them someone else etc.

    • is not his, it is in his aunts fb

  • My bil had a picture of him and his ex, I had him to have brother to remove it.