Do you think he has a thing for me?

My maybe upcoming landlord, wants me to rent the room, he is even ready to down the price and he said ''ok... only for you'''i felt creeped out afterwards... i mean i dont want him to have the keys of the room too, you know what i mean? he has the same ethnicity as me... he rejected others so i can have it BUT i do need a house but maybe... i dont know what do you think?


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  • I think your fears are valid, he seems to be kind of sexist and hopes he could establish something with you out of gratitude, but i don't think its that serious for you to decline his offer, take advantage of his stupidity and take the room, and then if he approaches you again reject him in a nice way and that's it, but keep in mind that doing so might have consequences since he's the landlord and can make your life hard, so if you go with this option because you need a room asap and will still look for others than i encourage you, if you're looking to settle down then its better to find another landlord, preferably an old one.

    • he has a family with two kids, and he is starting a restaurant at the back of the house, so he will be in the house alo

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  • He might. Ask him out.