So he says he loves me very much but sex is important to him what should I make of this?

So I've know this guy for 4 months now and he has told me multiple time's that he really does like me and we have been on dates recently he said "I love you very much but sex is important to " we haven't reply had much sexual activity because I have been screwed over a couple of timea so I just don't want to make the same mistake what do you guys make of this?


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  • It sounds he's more interested in sex

    • You think so he had said countless times that he really love's me and we are always around each other all the time I'm just not sure what to believe really

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    • I get what you are saying and before I did mention to him about my past relationships that I usually get put with dicks and they up and leave and he did say that he wouldn't and he didn't that type of guy that he too was left multiple times so I don't know it's just so hard

    • Blah, blah, blah, if it weren't an issue he'd have never brought it up

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  • You might get screwed either way. If you want sex then have it.


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  • If he hasn't dumped u then no wait till 6 months that's the real way to tell

  • I think he does love you but he just wants sex too.


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