Why are guys on this site expected to be OK with a girls past? Can't we be skeptical?

Guys are supposed to be happy with "she's with you now" and "she chose you now" and "she wants only you now". Aren't guys allowed to evaluate a girl before committing? Aren't we allowed to be skeptical of a girl who overlooked you and be skeptical of a girl who had a bad past? A bad past can include dating a guy that used you for sex.


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  • Here is the thing: you can judge anyone for anything, YOU are the only one who risks losing out on somebody who made bad choices in the past as the person they once were and not the potentially amazing person they are in the present. That is the point people are trying to make. People can change, in fact it is inevitable that we do. If you judge people on all of their mistakes you'll overlook their successes and their potential.

    Mind you considering trends is one thing, but ignoring all else for what they did once... it's tricky business.

    • I have hard time seeing people change. I often see girls making the same mistakes over again. That's 1 reason I'm skeptical on a girl with a past.

    • Well that's your choice but I've seen some amazing changes in people, but to each their own.

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  • Do you suffer from Mongoloidism? Keep it up and you'll end up marrying a seemingly nice girl who'll wait til tou've been married for two years, and then begin telling you the intimate details of each of the1,200 men she slept with while she was a hooker.


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  • Yes, but thats your job to do before you jump into a relationship, you can't expect people to sympathize with you, when you know about her past and then become insecure during it due to it. Everyone should be aware of who they date, and in order to do that is getting to know them, thats why jumping into a relationship at full force without knowing them is not really the best decision.

  • A bit of mystery is intriguing, isn't it yeshmm?

    • I would like to know a girls past before I jump in.

    • But I'm an asshole for wanting to know a girls past. I can't win.

    • ::strokes asker's chin::

      I bet you would, wouldn't you...

      I bet you would.

      ::random pieces of hair glitter stick to asker's cheek::

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  • You can.

    The question is whether that skepticism is making YOUR life better, or worse?