Should I ask permission from her father before asking her out?

I'm sixteen and the girl I like is 13 and her dad is the preacher at my church , he has never seemed to have a problem with me , how would it be seen if I asked his permission to ask his daughter to be my girlfriend?


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  • He'd definitely be likely to think well of you if you did. You're a rare bird indeed. My ex wanted to ask for my father's blessing the day he should ask for my hand, sadly God intended otherwise. Anyway, you should remain strong in your decision should you ask for his permission. You're a noble man indeed and she's lucky.

    • I know her mom thinks highly of me , her dad and I seem to have a mutual above average respect for each other and Its well known to everyone at our church that she and I like each other (we haven't really said anything to anyone , but its like the worst kept secret , ever) but there are a few problems such as I'm a very nervous guy and her dad used to be a kick boxer , so I wanna ask his permission in person but I'm afraid of how he would react, would texting him and asking seem kinda inferior to asking in person?

    • I'd prefer to do it personally. If her mother likes you, talk to her first and see if she can't soften up her husband beforehand. You shouldn't fear that anything would happen. I'm sure he'll be thrilled and it'll give you the opportunity to show that you really care about his daughter. The experience in itself will bring you and him closer and perhaps it'll be good for you? You'll learn to not be so nervous.

      Best case scenario; he'll like you even more and see you as the best fit for his daughter.
      Worst case scenario; he'll punch your shoulder to test your manliness and invite you to dinner to announce his decision. ;)

      Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be fine and once again, know that you're a great man.

    • Well now all I need to do is figure out how and when to ask him

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  • That would probably be the smartest idea of your young life (even though you're older than me)


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  • i think that would be very considerate and mature of u.

  • Awee thats so sweet go ahead not a problem 🍷


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