Guys, would you rather?

If you really liked a girl (she's great), but, you live hundreds of miles apart... would you rather have a LDR with her (at least it would be long distance for now) or move on and find someone local?

  • If I knew her well enough, a LDR would be better than nothing
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  • If I didn't know her well enough, I would just move on
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  • I would move on regardless, LDRs are too hard!
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What if this girl had been a close friend for two years. But, you now live states apart. What would be some deal-breakers?
Would a LDR be worth it then?


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  • These rarely ever work out. Relationships need physical contact and connection to stay alive. If it serious, one or the other would have to relocate.

    • I agree, I think a relocation would be essential/necessary for things to work in the long run

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  • Id ideally like an LDR but they never work for me because I always get more emotionally invested than the other person

  • It's only a plane ride away... I'd fly tens of thousands of miles for her.

  • I would definitely try LDR. Currently, I have a huge crush on someone, and she lives out of state. If she was the right person, then I wouldn't mind a LDR.

  • Time as a lot to do with it how long would we be apart for over a year I don't think I could handle anything that time span

  • My best friend is currently doing an LDR with a girl he met her through college, but then she moved back to her home state, when she was done. He lives here as well, runs a business, so, he couldn't move. She could move but, they haven't really talked about it

    • I hope everything works out for your friend. Does he, as far as you know, want to talk her about it? Could he perhaps be reluctant to because he knows he can't really move?
      I'm wondering if that might be happening in my situation... my guy recently accepted an ideal, long term position in his home town. I could, and would, move to be with him. But, I just don't know how to start that conservation, and I don't think he does either 😯

    • Were always terrified of the unknown

    • That's true