The guy I've been crushing on says he likes someone else what to do?

My cousin made us talk to eachother yesterday I told her to tell him to text me. So then he did and he was nice and we got along. He said that he thinks im smart and cute. I told him i think he's cute did i didn't tell him that i have a crush on him thats fast. So then today my cousin went on his facebook and he wrote about a girl. It said that he kind of likes her but doesn't know if she feels the same back. Then my cousin asked him then he said its about another girl it crushed me now i hate him.


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  • Well this is what happens when you don't tell someone how you feel. Its your fault

    • I told him i think hee nice and cute

    • That's not good enough honey. We're awfully stupid. We don't think with our brains we think with our dicks

  • First of all you sound immature as hell (I know it's an asshole thing to say but it's true). Second: you move on. It's as simple as that. He obviously doesn't like you so why the hell shpuld you waste your time on a guy that doesn't like you?

  • Welp move on


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