Do actions speak louder than words in my case?

She dumped her boyfriend after she met me. I live overseas, I was going to leave eventually, so we both agreed this wouldn't be anything serious. We stopped dating after 2 months. Two months later, while I was in the country, she reached out to me on my birthday. Two weeks later, I had an important exam and she texted me wishing me good luck. We texted back and forth.

A week later, we were both at a party of a mutual friend. At first she seemed very cold, then she seemed normal, then she seemed jealous when I talked to this girl. We all left for a club, and on the way she kinda mocked me, then ignored me the whole time at the club. At one point, I was dancing with a girl and she made sure I saw her dancing with her guy friend.

We all went back to our mutual friend's apartment and partied some more. We're allowed to smoke in the kitchen, so I did that just when she was cooking some pasta. She snapped at me for smoking. I decided to have a talk with her, because I couldn't understand why she was so emotional this whole evening. She told me she didn't have feelings for me, so I said we should stop seeing each other, because I have feelings for her. She then stood up and got pissed and stormed out of the room with tears in her eyes.

We met up the day after and she was still angry with me. I asked her why and she told me it's because I smoked while she was cooking pasta, but I know that's bull ***** because she was acting strange the whole night. She also told me "everytime I look at you, I see what I did to my ex" (she kinda cheated on him with me).

Then she said I was right the night before and we should just stop seeing each other. When I agreed, she had tears in her eyes, looked mad and turned her back on me and left.

Actions speak much louder than words, so why does she say she has no feelings but act with sadness, anger, jealousy all throughout one night? What you guys think is going on when a girl does something like this?


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  • yeah, they do


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  • She obviously wants to be with you but is in denial of it.


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  • Yeah she likes you, she may not not want to admit it. No girl would be all jealous like that.


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  • She either lied to you and actually did have feeling or she should be seeing a psciatrost and taking heavy meds lol