Is he starting to like me?

I met a cute guy in some of the fitness classes at the gym, and am starting to like him. He seems shy, so I sent him a fb friend request (2 mutual friends) in November and he accepted. I started trying to interact with him after that, but did not get much of a response from him at first. I was pleasantly surprised when he posted on my wall to wish me Merry Christmas. The next time I saw him at the gym, we started talking before class, and he didn't seem shy anymore. After class, I said bye to him, and he asked if I would be going to class next time, to which I replied I don't know because I didn't know if i would be working or not. I feel he's warming up to me, which is a good thing. Now I am wondering if he is starting to like me. He seems like a very sweet guy.


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  • Finally a girl doing it right lol, well doing it like my current girlfriend lol. As a introvert I say keep doing what your doing be kind and nice and overall be patient. The last thing you want to do is corner a introvert. ^w^ good luck.


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  • Looks like he is warming up to you that's good