Thin, athletic, or in shape guys would you date or consider being in a relationship with a chubby, busty, nice girl?


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  • Sure I would consider it.. to me it is not what the girl looks like on the outside.. it is what is within and besides I am not looking for the pin up girl of the month.. but if she liked me for me.. including what I wear.. well sign me up as I would for sure be interested.

  • No, chubby is not attractive to me. It's ok if a girl is not to chubby though. Being in decent shape is what I notice first, her pretty face and smile second and her personality last.

    • Of course that's just me though, lol.

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    • I actually saw a photo on facebook of a girl once was attracted to who was once had a average figure as a senior in high school and gained a lot of weight. I saw her again a year ago like 50-60ish pounds heavier and still kind of cute, but nothing compared to when she was thin.

      I guess the question is that would I date her if she was still single... hmm maybe, Dont know though.

    • Oh okay that's cool as long as you are so attracted and if she's got a great personality (which is hard to find nowadays,) I say go for it!

  • It's not my cup of tea.

  • Tall jacked athletic and I won't


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