Should I message her again?

This girl liked my every photo on Instagram. So i messaged her last night and she looked very interested. So in morning i replied sure for her thanku but she only saw my message but didn't reply. So should i message her again?


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  • Double texting is fine (she probably saw your message and forgot to press sendsend on her message, didn't know what to say, or forgot to respond). You can text her twice in a row if you wait a couple of hours before doing it, and also start a new conversation, don't say something like "where are you?" Or "hey, did you get my message" cuz girls think that's too clingy. Say something like "hey what's your dog's (?) Name again?" Or "I can't remember if you told me what your fav TV show was, mine is (_____)."


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  • I wouldn't. I've been burned like that many times. Just take your time and wait. You don't want to come across as desperate for her to talk to you.

  • Balls in her court. Leave it there until she sends it your way.