Guy i've been dating for 6 1/2 months said he's married but seperated what should I do?

"Boyfriend" told me he was married but they are "seperated" but they live in the same house he's been staying in the basement. He told me all this about 5months ago. I asked him why he didn't say it at the beginning. His response was because i didn't think you would've gave me a chance. He kept begging me to stay and give him a chance. We've broken up before and 2 seconds later he'll text me not to leave him and he loves me. We've been talking for 6 1/2 months. Im torn because time has gone by with him holding this secret. If i would've known at the start i would not have givin him a chance avoided having feelings. Should i end it? Or tell him to move out or im done?


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  • If he is seriously separated then he shouldn't have any issues in moving out. If he does have issues in moving out they aren't separated. Most of the time I would advise against ultimatums, but this situation is different. Yea I would think telling him to move out or its over is clearly in your best interest


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  • This is similar to my last friends with benefits he still lives with his wife and in a separate room for the kids, I wanted to date him and realized it would be too much drama, anyway ultimately you have no idea what kind of financial situation he's in and how much time left he had on the mortgage etc. So communicate with him and ask him why he's still staying

    • Ok. They don't have any kids together. But i will

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    • Well if you want wait that two weeks and if he doesn't then yes move on.

    • Thank u


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  • the begging is for sex and he's missing it badly
    never give in until he at least moves out, better if divorced, best if moving in w/you and... if married = trumps them all
    OK to be friends IF he stops begging, then wait & see what develops over there

    • We never had sex before. He tells me he doesn't want me to date anyone else and doesn't want to lose me. But in feeling different especially with all this new info

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  • I run away! Until he figure it all out! Its too soon!