Does she like me or is she playing me?

I am a guy and there's this girl in school who I think likes me. I am in my senior year and she's in her junior year. She used to come to me for help in Math a few times maybe twice but that actually isn't a big deal because a lot of people come to me for help. Then once in November she tried to make a small talk with me and thanked me for helping her out and I told her you could come to me anytime you want to. She came to me then a week later with some Math problem, I solved her question and then went back to the library immediately. Then we had some eye contacts but she never talked. A few weeks later she called me on Whatsapp even though I never gave her my number. I called her back a few hours later but she didn't reply. We're on our winter holidays now and just a few days ago she sent me a friend request on Facebook. I didn't accept it right it away and decided to accept it the next morning but by then she had cancelled it and blocked me since I can't see her profile now but my friends can. Does she like me or not?


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  • Personally, I would think that she is interested in you. She may just be nervous when it comes to you as you are older and she may not want to seem like she's pestering you all the time. By the looks of things, she's tried to contact you but you've not been available or haven't gotten into contact with her straight away which has worried her. She probably feels like you don't want to talk to her and that you just think of her as someone that you've helped with maths. I think you should try and contact her yourself this time, it'll show her that you're interested and she might relax a bit more. You'll then be able to see whether she does like you or she just wants to be friends :)


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  • I don't knpw what to say dude let leave this for the girls to answer.