Girls, how to escape the bro zone?


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  • I dunno! By be more flirty!

    • could you please for the love of god tell me how!

    • -Smile a lot
      -Tease her
      -be playful
      -be fun
      -be creative
      -be kind in the right moment
      -make her laughs and smile
      -make her feel thought about


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  • Some girls just don't feel that way. Others are too scared to admit they like you, so they revert to this line. Some women even just don't care and don't want to let the other person know. But for the women who are scared, try having a chat and seeing how they feel. Suggest a date and if they don't like it then you two won't have to date. However, if she does, then congrats you are out of the bro zone.

  • Okay here's what you do your gonna need some sort of meat to distract the dobermans then once they're chewing down RUN like the wind oh no you stepped into the bear trap oh what a shame cmon guys I don't think there's a bro zone ball up man the worst that could happen is you get a slap across the face.

  • Depends on the girl. I guess you have to be show her that other girls are physically and mentally attracted to you and stimulated by you, so she can pay attention to what she is missing out on. Just a suggestion.

  • simple tell the person you like them more than buddy

    • i am afraid of rejection that will demolish my already non existent self esteem...

    • does that thing with rejection doesn't matter how much one avoids it or fears it are fine with it
      we all get rejected I been rejected time after time

      to be honest it's not mad it really takes away the stress off
      does he like me or not hunting question you know so just get it over with lets start the year with pain and end it happy