How spineless can you be? and why did she keep coming back to me after all of this?

first of all i was stringing this girl along for like a year before we started seeing each other often. and even then we never officially dated.

in that year, i fucked one of her close acquaintences and she found out about it. when the acquaintence found out about it she said whats the deal are you dating that girl? and i said "no, she has no respect for herself thats why i never will". 1 month later we fought and she sent her that text

prior to that, she blew up my phone one night and i ignored every call. then i get a call from a friend, but its her on the other line. then my drunk self thought it'd be a good idea to text him right after hanging up "what did that girl want from me?"

then once i left my facebook logged in at her house. she went through my messages and saw that i wrote to a friend "she's just not pretty enough for me to call her my girlfriend". that was pretty much the end, but about a month later i kinda got her back. like we were seeing each other again, but she was hiding it from her friends.

like i just overall treated this girl pretty shitty not that im proud of it, yet i was irresistable to her. when we would fight and i'd give a speech she's grabbed my face before and said "ugh i wish you werent such a good talker!" and kiss me. eventually she broke it off completely, but why did this girl just let me walk all over her?


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  • This "thing" sounds immature, unhealthy and very unstable. I think she has no idea what she wants and just wants to float around. If after all this time nothing official has come of it then I highly doubt it ever will. This doesn't sound like the normal start of a relationship thing..

    • i dont care she's long gone. im just thinking. i could have had it real if i had asked her earlier to actually be my girlfriend but i didn't

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  • She probably fell in love with you.


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  • She probably has esteem issues and you're the only guy who made her feel the least bit wanted even if your bad overode the good. Some people just want attention, and will take any amount of attention, and she's weak unfortunately.

  • She was insecure, and you sound like a disrespectful prick. You never respected her and yet you continued to take advantage and put her down? Stop judging others when your behaviour wasn't good.

    • dont be mad this muzzkunt sickunt is stylin on u brah

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