Can you say you miss someone you only known and talking to for 3wks? What to do when you really want to talk to the person but they are ignoring you?

Now you've had sex and went out with each other its just the third wk you haven't been talking cause the other person is busy. You text something crazy and makes you sound really needy and the person is now ignoring you. You apologize but their still not responding. What do you do?


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  • Anyone that really cares about u wouldn't ignore u when u clearly are missing them


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  • 3 weeks is fine. Unless you pretty much only had sex. Then they might think u only want a booty call.


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  • Just let them be, I'm in the same exact situation, I'm really sad that he ignores me , but now I've told myself it ws only about sex, that's all he wanted from me. We had sex once by the way. I told myself to go distant as well and if he doesn't contact me in any way he doesn't want me. I did just that, and he didn't come back to me so now I have no choice but to let him go. To me that's the best thing, knowing where you two stand as one.