Why want me when I'm doing this?

We are seeing each other but I can be nasty to him I've called him nasty names for reasons but he still wants to see me? I told him to move on etc find someone else but he says he likes me :/ I'm mean to him and he wants to drive 1 hr to see me later... It will lead to sex but would you like someone who calls you horrible names?


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  • "for reasons"
    And what are those?

    WHY do you do what you do? Do you just like to cause drama?

    • I'm insecure

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    • Yes I have been and I've called him bad things maybe he is desperate for sex?

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  • You must really have him under a spell. He's really smitten with you. I wouldn't allow myself to be treated that way, however. I deserve to be treated with respect. You keep it up enough, and you'll be saying bye before you know it!!! I'll bet no woman could put me under a spell like that...

  • No pussy is worth that hassle, but at your age I'm guessing he doesn't get pussy a lot so he'll take what he can get. I'd have blown you off a long time ago, personally.

    • I have been so nasty with words I admit but he says he likes me

    • He's a wimp.

    • Do you think he just wants sex

  • Some men are just a glutton for punishment

  • No, but maybe he has low esteem and needs the sex. Either way, you sound like a bit of a selfish, nasty piece of work.

    • I admit I have been :( but it's because I have lost trust In men

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    • I keep thinking he just wants sex !! He says that's not true but why stay if I'm horrible?

    • Well maybe sounds like breaking up for good might be a good idea.

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