Should I hold onto what I have or remove him from my life?

I am dating a guy I've known for over a year. I really like him and don't like the idea of being with anyone else ever again. However, sometimes he goes weeks without contacting me. This makes me feel extremely low and I feel like it's damaging to me and I should remove him from my life because of this. But the thought of getting rid of him makes me feel extremely depressed. Then when I do get messages from him I feel so uplifted and instantly in a great mood and when I see him I have the best time of my life and I feel like I should make the most those moments as life is short and being with him makes me feel so good. If I remove him from my life I will never get those moments and feelings again. Do you think I'm better off removing him from my life or making the most of the good times?


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  • Why not date around. Keep in contact with him, but date other people. Who knows you could easily find someone that makes you feel the same way but doesn't disappear.


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  • Move along, the thought of leaving him makes you feel depressed only because you're afraid of being alone. You should leave him.