Girls, if you really liked a guy would you deal with unable to read signals?

Like him not knowing you want him to kiss you or hold your hand?


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  • If a guy isn't picking up on my vibes and signals, usually I'll take the plunge and hold his hand or I'll be the one to kiss him. I am not the type to sit around and just wait for him to make the move because I know the thought of that makes some people nervous. So if he doesn't, I usually will if I'm really into the guy. If I'm not that into him and we went on a date and he didn't make a move, I won't bother.

    • You'll only make a move for guy you're really into that makes sense.

    • Of course. If I'm not into him, I'm not going to lead him on.

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  • Yeah, I wouldn't deal with it by doing it myself.