If enough time passes will your feelings for someone change if they dont make a move?

If you liked someone and they went months without making a move would you reject them if they did later?


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  • Absolutely; if someone I am interested in doesn't show clear signs of interest I will eventually move on. I don't get hung up on people who don't want me enough to take the chance.

    Mind you, I tend to initiate as well, but I wouldn't do so if he didn't show an appropriate amount of interest.

    • If you decided to move on and for some reason after that he asked you out would you say no?

    • It would depend on circumstance but it's most likely that I would reject him, because I would feel he's only making a move because he knows I'm slipping away, and rather than allowing me to move on he feels desperate and doesn't want to let me go.


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  • I had a crush on this guy for ages when I was like 13-15 but he was completely oblivious of my existence for the whole time. I moved on and didn't really think about him for a whole year after that, but when I turned 17 he got in contact with me and all those feelings that had built up when was younger came rushing back. I don't think feelings for someone ever really go away even if they feel like they have. So no I wouldn't reject him :)

  • Yeah of course! But i take the longest time!

  • I once had a crush on a guy for little over a year. It went away because we had little contact and I met another guy more interested.

    • Would you have rejected that guy if he asked you out though? Once it went away

    • I would yes to go out with him :) But only because I'm not dating anyone right now

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