Throwing away your rubbish on an unbalanced pile?

so you are at the mall, there are lots of people around and you need to throw away your drink. You see a bin and its completely full with other stuff balancing on top. you decide to go with the flow and put your drink on top of the pile, when you do the whole lot falls down on the floor and makes a mess. Everyone is looking what would you do?

  • Walk away
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  • Pick up the rubbish
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  • Go and ask the cleaning lady to pick up the rubbish
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  • other
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  • Walk away lol
    I would probably hold onto my trash until I found a bin that wasn't as full. But if I did tip garbage over its not my job to pick it up, the trash honestly should have been changed before it got to that point. I'm not going to put my bare hands on other peoples garbage just to put it where? Back on he pile hat just fell over? It would fall again and I'd just walk away if that happened, with a guilty kind of wince on my face lol


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