So what is he thinking?

Was with a guy for 4 months. I called it off I was so scared and a lot happened, which he's aware about. I apologies said I wanted him back because I'm in love with him... He tells me he's fallen for me too... And then over a week later, he's being hot and cold, so I text him asking what he wants... he never answers this question always changes subject... So today after thinking I text him saying

I learnt a lesson to not waste feelings on someone who doesn't value them, you show no proof that I matter anymore, and really when it's something you want, you fight for it. And when I reached out to you and you didn't.. it made me realise that I was not worth that fight to make things work. Please stop using the fact I walked away as an excuse anymore, I had good reasons to and you know that. You were my best friend and I value all the amazing memories I've got with you. But now it's your choice to not make anymore memories now. But this fight is draining who I am X
his reply was 'I can appreciate that'
so I let it go and didn't reply, I work with him and tonight in work he was so clingy to me, as he was when we were together, telling me family stories and being really cute.. I was being nice but had my guard up... Why has he told me he loved me, then sent that text and tonight been like that with me? 😞

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  • I think you should not do this over text but sit down with him somewhere and have an honest, open-hearted conversation with him

    • We have and to be honest he still looks at me as if things were still amazing, we can't take ours eyes off eachother


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