My boyfriend didn't get me a Christmas gift. What should I do?

My boyfriend and I recently started dating (less than a month). We dated earlier in the year but broke up after a month. I asked him for a Christmas gift a week before Christmas and he asked me why I was asking him that. I said it was the sentiment and he stated I shouldn't be asking him that and if he did he did and if he didn't he didn't. Later in the week he asked me fur pizza. I forgot to get it and he was irate. When I asked him again on the 23rd fir a gift he stated that I didn't get him pizza and he shouldn't have to give me a gift if I wasn't going to meet his needs and do things for him. He said I hadn't done anything for him or bought him a gift and argued that is the reason he wasn't going to get me a gift. We went back imand forth but he refused to get a gift because he didn't want to give in and didn't want me to be right as he felt he would be dealing with that forever. I'm not sure what to do.


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  • If I was dating him, we would not be together. You don't get someone a gift in the hopes they feel guilty you one in return, but as a symbol of kindness. He sounds incredibly juvenile to hold a grudge over you forgetting to get him pizza.

  • He sounds a lot like my ex-husband. Get rid of him, you deserve better! My ex never got me anything for our first valentines day and no matter what I said he just justified away why I was silly for getting upset about it. This seems small but it demonstrates his behaviour in dealing with conflict - you cannot reason with him and make him see your point of view because he is argumentative and not interested in resolving the conflict. He will never apologise for his actions as he will always have an excuse for why he is right. He is in the relationship to get what he can out of it, not to build a life with you. The misery I have suffered being married to such a man has been him refusing to accept that having a baby and then caring for her full time is exhausting physically and emotionally (according to him it is easy as the baby sleeps all day), and when I told him how unhappy I was in our marriage instead of wanting to work on it with me he told me to "suck it up and stick it out for your daughter" and when I then said but I dont want to be unhappy for the rest of my life he told me it isn't for the rest of my life it is just the next 15 years until she leaves home at which point I'd be free to divorce him. I simply voukdnt take it anymore, I became really depressed and lucky for me when I hit rock bottom I found some wonderful friends who supported me in breaking up with him. I am so happy I got away from him but I look back at that part of my life and it still cuts me to remember what emotional abuse he subjected me to. He has not yet shown that side of himself to my daughter, he dotes on her, I hope he never does show her that side of himself but I fear one day (maybe when she is a rebeleous teen) that he will.