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Before my boyfriend and I were official, when we were still getting to know eachother, I searched through his fb page because I wanted to know if he was currently in a relationship so that I wouldn't step too far. I found that within that time span he was with a girl. Almost a week or two before we first started talking. And that's prefectly fine. They had been together for many years too by the way. And then we get to know eachother over the phone and through text more an more. And everntually set a date and time to meet eachother to see if we hit it off and we went from there. Things went very well! And a few weeks later we are officially together. Now he told me he wasn't with anybody. But he told me about this girl he was with for quite some time. And he told me the story and that he broke up with her. She has called him trying to seek attention and says she's going to commit suicide and she wants to get back with him. But he says he's a firm no and won't take her back, that she needs to get some help. The main reason they broke up was because she treated him poorly and he treated her very well and his parents told him that and he realized it and broke up with her. Now one time I was with him in the car, and I look over and I see that he got a notificaton from her. And it seems to be a normal friendly conversation.
Now on more than one occasion he gets tagged in an event that he went to with his friends and she happens to be tagged too. I don't go out with him and his friends. So far he has kept me separate from his friends. Could he be hiding something? Am I a side chick? Is she the side chick? Am I over reacting? Is this just a coincidence? Does he still like her?

I went to his house today and she called him. I saw her caller id when I looked at him. I told him his phone was ringing. Then he shut it off and continued playing his video game. I guess she called again because he left the room and went outside and called her. What could he be hiding. It seems like he's hiding something. But as far as he is concerned he thinks I only know what he has told me about her. He doesn't know I checked her fb page. But this was way before we started dating.


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  • you're not overreacting, and you're not his side chick. you're his new chick, and it takes time to break in new things.


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  • You need to talk to him!


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  • He could be hiding something. But I assume you must fully trust him? In order for it to work you have to trust him. But him not letting you meet his friends sounds strange and that girl getting tagged to that event seems strange. I think you would need more proof in order to bring it to his attention.


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