Do I add him on snapchat or no?

Ok so I've never talked to him but I want to get to know him but I'm super shy. His snapchat is in his Instagram bio but I don't even follow him on Instagram ( because I don't have one). I want to add him but I'm scared he would think I'm creepy or wouldn't know who I am (he knows me but I'm scared he hasn't bothered to learn my name). Should I add him? And if he asks how I got his username what do I say?

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He didn't add me back 😭😭


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  • Do you have mutual friends? Say a friend gave it to you.


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  • add him i mean what can happen anyway :P
    if he asks ( i dont think he will ) tell him you saw it on ig! guess he put it there for a purpose!
    good luck :)

  • Tell him, you added him "causally" and via insta description.