Would you be okay / like if the girk you are seeing/having sex with started showing more affectiom (goodbye kissing)?

Its hard to know where to draw the line bc i dont want to scare him away. I dont want to just say it out loud that i like him. I want to be more natural. But im scared i dont have the right to. And i can't just ask if he is seeing other girls... Right?


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  • This is why being fuck buddies is never a good idea. One has feelings for the other and think they can fuck the other to love them. You don't need sex or anything to fall in love.

    • I know that. And i dont think we are fuck buddies. But what if i am to him? It just seems like we are coming together / "dating "...

    • If that's all you are to him then shame on you

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  • Yeah I'm perfectly fine with that, if I like them I would like it however I would check in with my feelings, I'd hope this was their way of showing that they appreciate me and would be open to a future if mutual. If you don't know you should literally tell him, I like when you do this, but I don't know what you mean by it