Am I the only female who views men as a toy to play with at my disposal?

If a man cannot make me fall for him, then I view his presence in my life as a game. It's an exciting, fun pursuit of seduction and mystique that deep down, I have no intention of making serious. I am already so captivated by life that it is extremely difficult to get and keep my attention. It's like I already feel I have an alluring, enchanting, daring, adventurous love affair with the world and various activities I'm so passionate about so a man really has to be special to catch my long-term attention. I often find myself practicing seduction and intensity with men whom I have no long term interest in yet I love bringing them a romance.

Is this wrong? The way I phrased it in the beginning isn't exactly the best way to describe it. I understand that men are not toys to be played with and disposed of at my enjoyment so it's not necessarily that I truly view them as 'toys' but that I enjoy playing the game of romance. I love showering men with feminine charm. I have fun charming men and making them feel like treasure but I don't typically plan on doing anything more than that. Is that wrong of me? If so, how can I control this not so right habit?

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  • You can't play with me because im the player you can't make the player the playee only the playee the player you see how life works now


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  • " I have fun charming men and making them feel like treasure but I don't typically plan on doing anything more than that."

    What's "charming" and "making them feel like treasure"?

    Doesn't sound like anyone is really the loser, here.

    • It revolves around the general principal of making a man feel good and covering all bases of psychological, intellectual, and emotional need.

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    • Story time? :)

    • Well, I've splattered that narrative up here in various places lately this week. Stuck in one place, lotsa time to write.

      Can try to fetch a cpl better ones, here.


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  • You can't be the only one if there is a word for it.


  • and then you get pregnant...

    • I don't sleep with them.

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    • eh, you are experimenting, learning and experiencing, you are not looking for a commitment, I was saying you are helping them with their self esteem

    • oh lol well that doesn't sound so bad

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  • I think you know the answer

    If you dont plan on committng and yet you allure them with the ilusion of romance, perhaps making them believe there will be more, you will end up hurting them.

    You can still play the seduction game and enjoy it without hurting anyone if you are straightforward with your intentions from the beginning. No deluding them.

    It may not be as enticing for you, but men are not puppets and I think in part you enjoy the fact that you have them wraped around your middle finger. You enjoy having the control.