What is it like to have your first kiss? What is it like to kiss a girl?

Well to start out again I am (male) 17 years old, almost 18, and I have yet to had a kiss or a girl friend...

I was wondering if I should worry about that or not?

but exactly like my title what is it like to actually kiss someone?

is it exciting getting your first kiss


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  • Your first kiss should be with someone who you like alot. Dating...relationship. When those feelings are there (and she has them too) it's absolutely amazing! Your whole body gets electricfied and you feel out of this world. It's just not limited to the actual "first kiss" either. This could happen with the first kiss to any new relationship. I remember my first kiss at 17, it was exciting and thrilling and wonderful. But when my husband (when we were first dating) kissed me for the first time, I felt completely drunk with euphoria and couldn't feel my knees at all. It was the best kiss I've ever experienced in my life. I knew he was the guy for me.

    So don't rush it, it'll happen and remember there are going to be many first kisses for you, you're young with a whole life of fun ahead of you.


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  • Some kisses have sparks, some don't. However the first one you have with anyone set the mood of your relationship. I remember one kiss was full of passion and lust, it was great.

  • Getting kissed by the one whom you actually do have feelings for is wonderful.


What Guys Said 2

  • Kissing a girl is a lot like kissing a sponge. Your lips get wet. It's not particularly hot unless you like the girl, its actually kind of nasty feeling. My first kiss was just like that, kissing a jellyfish.

  • if you like the girl then kissing is AMAZING... otherwise its nothing special