I am starting to date someone new and if things get series should I ever tell him my dark secret or if he asks me?

If im ever asked i dont really want to lie , when i was 20 i think it was i was with my ex for two years and i got pregnant he was very abusive and kind of forced me to get an abortion with threats to harm me physically ao i miscarry if i dont, so i just did it and it was a really horrible expirience my ex came with me to the hospital and he was abusive towards me infront off other people and made me cry a lot, i also collapsed because i was losing so much blood i fainted and if i never became concious i would have died , I've never told anyone should i keep it a secret or tell him if it ever becomes serious?


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  • Your description was confusing. Did you get an abortion, or did you do harm to yourself to cause a miscarry? And you need to get when it happened straight. You will need to provide that information to a doctor in the future. They need that info for proper treatment of pregnancies and gynecological problems.

    And since that is an important part of your medical history, your husband should know about it. But just getting serious with a guy is not reason to give that info out. Wait until marriage is being talked about.

  • I would want to know sooner than later.
    He won't judge you if he loves you.
    Just make sure you have told him all about the abuse, way before you bring up the abortion

  • Well that sound like a pretty important thing to tell someone, yeah. I mean if I was in your shoes I wouldn't drop that on the first date but perhaps ease into it. Especially if things get serious and you see yourself with him long term.


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