I feel worthless cause I feel like I'm not dateable what do I do?

All my friends are In relationships and I'm here like the longest relationship I have had was 3 months ever since that relationship ended I haven't dated anyone else no one has any interest in me or anything I don't know if I am dateable


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  • One time after my bad fall that I had.. I was given the news I would have to wear diapers and rubber pants daily.. I thought for a long long while about it because up to that accident I was with the ladies many times a week and how I did not think that a women would now have anything to do with me because I wore diapers.. but two months after my release from the hospital, I learned and took up the game of golf.. but not to be a good player at it.. only to strengthen up my now very weak muscles.. I played everyday and got all my arm and leg muscles stronger and stronger.. then one day on the course about a week later.. I was getting ready to putt this one hole, another lady that was the only one playing that same green came walking over to me and said I noticed when you bent down to clear a twig in front of your ball that you are wearing both diapers and rubber pants.. well I think they look very nice on you especially the pink colored rubber pants.. one thing led to another and we not only went on some dates together and had some fantastic times.. she also became a golf partner and we play about 7 to ten times a year 18 holes every time she is a great friend and a great golfer.. my point being that never count yourself short for anything and that a person is never worthless... that sweet women reinforced my belief that diapers and rubber pants are never a deal breaker and I so loved that part.. and even if she wore them and I did not.. I would friend her as well

  • Just stop giving a fuck. Seriously, you need to get to the point where you're almost completely apathetic towards the idea of romantic love and relationships.

    • It's not my fault that my parents are always on my case about dating they are mad at me for being single right now that's why I asked this I'm stressed out and I have had a guy tell me that I wasn't dateable and that he was surprised that I actually had a boyfriend so sorry stop reading my posts then I ask questions on here because people on here actually help me so sorry cause I don't feel like I can go to my parents for help or anything so sorry

    • I'm not being disrespectful. I'm just telling you what worked for me.

  • Relax you're fine


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