Should I stop talking to my friend with benefits while I'm dating this new guy?

I've had a friends with benefits for about half a year now, we've been friends for a year though. I just met this new guy and he just seems like a complete gentleman and so sweet and we arranged to meet up and go on a date. But now that I'm thinking about it, isn't it kind of rude of me to still be talking (as in, talking outside of normal friend conversation aka sexting ect) to my friends with benefits while I'm starting something with this new guy? I feel weird talking to two guys at once, even if one doesn't have any intentions of passing into the boyfriend zone. Should I just stop talking to him for a little while, just until I see if things with this new guy are gonna get serious? The last time something like this happened, I told my friends with benefits and it was almost like he got angry/jealous. Things didn't work out with that guy anyway but things seem so promising with this new guy. What do you think I should do? Stop talking to friends with benefits completely, keep talking to him but keep it strictly friendly (obviously no sex), or just leave things as they are (I feel like that's cheating though, is it?)?


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  • Ummm... yes. The friends with benefits needs to just be an F. If you boyfriend finds out that the friends with benefits is still an F (even if there's no WB), then he will likely not be a happy camper.

    • He isn't my boyfriend yet. We literally just made plans for our first date. Would that still be a problem? Because what if 2 weeks down the line things just aren't working out with guy #2 and I end things? Then my friends with benefits is gonna be gone too.

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  • I mean if you think he will prevent you from really getting to know this new guy and see how things go then yes cut contact, just tell him you met someone and you want to see where it goes. It's up to you really, there's no relationship except for sex, and occasionally casual conversation just keep it platonic if you think it will prevent you. However you also don't owe anything yet to this new guy, you aren't dating him yet


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  • I think if its just sex you should try with the New Guy

  • I am in the sAme situation, except for my friend with benefits I actually kinda really like. I met a new guy we have been on 2 dates and have plans this weekend... New guy has a lot more potential for being something long term. My friend has asked me to be his girlfriend and I've established to just remain the same with no title. he has a lot of views and values that just do not coincide with a committed and loving relationship.
    If I never want to get married friend with benefits is perfect... but if I want a shot of something real new guy seems more accommodating to my needs. I too feel weird talking to both guys at the same time, but I'm only having sex with one, so I guess I've justified it with that training.
    But I've been thinking to take a break from friends with benefits guy to give a real shot with new guy. Maybe you should try that as well...